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1 posts from September 2016


CIEE Fall Semester 2016 Newesletter I

Exploring Rabat By Maryam Baig 

The Amazing CIEE Staff 

I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude towards the genuine staff at the CIEE center in Morocco. From the resident director Madiha Chafik DeRosa, the Program Assistant, Oumaima Farik and also the Program Assistant/ Darija Professor Haddou Elbour, thank you for making our transition into a new country an easy, fun, and memorable one. 

Rabat Tour 

Following the first week with orientation sessions and the start of Darija class, we went on a Rabat tour on the first weekend of the CIEE program. We visited Chellah, a Roman city that was rebuilt by the Marinids in the 13th century. Complete with a mosque, madrasa, Andalusian style garden and an ongoing water system that the nearby neighbors continue to use even today. 

Mohammad V Mausoleum 

This is where the current Moroccan king's father ( the late King Hassan II) and great-grandfather have been laid to rest. The construction of this monument is a testament to the beauty of Moroccan architecture. Complete with a mesmerizing mosque right next to it, the intricate attention to  detail from the carved wood to the patterned zellij, makes me wish that non-muslims were also allowed into the mosque to appreciate its captivating beauty. 


The Qasbah of Rabat 

On the left is an image of the Qasbah, a medieval fort overlooking the new city of Rabat. Underneath the image of the Qasbah, you'll see the beautiful blue and white houses lined up throughout the beautiful Qasbah. Also, I must admit that, although I am a dog person, yet seeing all these adorable cats lingering around Rabat is really heart melting! You must Visit this beautiful country, as having witnessed its captivating beauty in person- be it the people who welcomed me with open arms everywhere I went, or the numerous monuments I've strolled through, I know these images I've captured hardly do any justice to its beauty.