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2 posts from March 2018


Spring 2018 Second Newsletter by Mitchel Knight

Last week, week we had the opportunity to explore Tangier and Asilah. These two lovely cities in the north of Morocco offer much to delight the senses. Gorgeous scenery and a Mediterranean atmosphere combine to pique ones curiosity.

 Despite the rainy day, we explored the winding, wonderful souqs of Tangier. Africa’s northern-most city, it is a charming, cosmopolitan destination. Home to poets, bohemians, emissaries and spies, one cannot help but revel in the diversity of cultures, languages and styles here. Moroccan, Spanish and French architecture combine to create a charming, inclusive metropolis.

Tangier 1

Escaping the rain, we made our way to gorgeous Cape Spartel. Spending the day exploring the rocky outcrops overhanging the azure of the Mediterranean Sea could not be beat. The breathtaking landscape (or seascape, really) was a an enjoyable change of pace from life in Rabat. From there, we spent the rest of the day in Asilah, a quaint town with Portuguese influences. Strolling through the old town, with its pristine shops and welcoming colors made for a pleasant Sunday.

 Morocco always surprises, and these gems were a welcome discovery. More than a few of us are making plans to return. But such is are the perks of study abroad. What an education!

Tangier 2


Spring 2018 1st newsletter

Salaam from Rabat! Today marks three weeks since I landed in Morocco. It still amazes me how at home I already feel here. In the first two weeks, we went through orientation and intensive Darija classes. Five long hours spent learning a new language was tough but I think we’d all agree it definitely comes in handy. Our professor, Haddou, made sure we had tons of opportunities to practice Darija inside and outside the classroom. He once sent us on a mission to interview locals while we visited the Chellah, the Kasbah and of course, the great Hassan Tower in Rabat. 


Last week we went on our first excursion to the city of Meknes. On our way, we visited the Roman ruins of Volubilis, a UNESCO world heritage site. We spent a couple hours wondering and learning about its rich history from a local tour guide. I was amazed at how well preserved is to this day. Our next stop was Moulay Idriss, a tiny hillside town just outside of Meknes. It's a town surrounded by beautiful sloping hills rich in character and history. The winding streets are so narrow that locals use donkeys to carry goods up to their houses. In Meknes, we toured the palace created by King Moulay Ismail and parts of the medina. The central square was packed with tourists, vendors, and snake charmers. Many of us stayed overnight in Meknes then returned home by train the next day. 

IMG_5884 Meknes 3